What’s New

This page keeps a detailed human friendly rendering of what’s new and changed in specific versions.


  • Internal changes regarding support of top.gg migration
  • Fixed errors raised when using DBLClient.close() without built-in webhook


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Client class has been renamed to DBLClient


  • Added on_guild_post, an event that is called when autoposter successfully posts guild count
  • Renamed get_upvote_info to get_bot_upvotes
  • Added get_user_vote


  • DBLClient now has autopost kwarg that will post server count automatically every 30 minutes
  • Fixed code 403 errors
  • Added on_dbl_vote, an event that is called when you test your webhook
  • Added on_dbl_test, an event that is called when someone tests your webhook


  • Added webhook
  • Removed support for discord.py versions lower than 1.0.0
  • Made DBLClient.get_weekend_status() return a boolean value
  • Added webhook example in README
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed post_server_count and get_server_count


  • Added post_guild_count
  • Made post_server_count an alias for post_guild_count
  • Added get_guild_count
  • Made get_server_count an alias for get_guild_count


  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Initial ratelimit handling


  • Added documentation
  • Fixed some minor bugs


Initial release

  • Working

    • POSTing server count
    • GET bot info, server count, upvote count, upvote info
    • GET all bots
    • GET specific user info
    • GET widgets (large and small) including custom ones. See top.gg/api/docs for more info.
  • Not Working / Implemented

    • Searching for bots via the api